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J. Shepherd Dog food Factory from Menards

By Bob Keller | February 4, 2020

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Bill Zuback
J. Shepherd Dog food Factory from Menards

Price: $99.99 (no. 279-4494) Features: Fully assembled and decorated, six figures and Jack the dog, warning lights, animated sign, loading dock, and train run-through. For illumination the factory requires a Menards 4.5-volt power supply, sold separately. Website:

There are probably a thousand potential industries that can be added to a model railroad. The J. Shepherd & Sons Dog Food Factory is one I’d never thought of. Considering that Jack, the Menards German shepherd mascot, is everywhere these days, it makes sense for him to have his own brand of dog food.

The left side of the O gauge building has a stairway rising to a second-floor entry. The front has an office door and a recessed loading dock for truck deliveries and shipments. Also on the front are two large windows and an electronic sign with fun animation showing kibble pouring out of a bag into a dog bowl. The right side has two storage silos.

The dock is raised to truck-trailer height and has warehouse and office entries. Jack is on hand, looking for free samples of his tasty food.

The roof is corrugated metal and is a busy location as there are employees maintaining the equipment. This includes three vents, a dust collector, a propane-style tank, and a water tank (being painted). The water tank has one warning light, and the silos on the side have four.

The appearance and extra industrial features up top make this building a candidate for a creative conversion to another product or industry. But why bother? You can easily enjoy the Menards J. Shepherd & Sons Dog Food Factory as it comes, especially with its great illumination and live action sign. Besides, how many of you can truthfully say your layout already has a pet food manufacturer!

Come on, you know you need one. Otherwise, you may get caught barking up the wrong tree!

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