News & Reviews News Elementary school layout project completed

Elementary school layout project completed

By Rene Schweitzer | January 8, 2024

About 400 grade-school kids participated in this event

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In December, we shared a story about students at Seaview Elementary School in Linwood, New Jersey building a toy-train layout. Dominick Andrews, the art teacher at the school, sent us an update with photos of the finished layout. We’re delighted to share the project with you. (Read the original item here.)

overview of small toy train layout
Dominick Andrews photo

Approximately how many kids participated and what grade(s) are they in?

cardboard mountains on toy train layout
Dominick Andrews photo

The train table was completed by approximately 400 students, grades kindergarten to fourth. Each grade level was responsible for completing different components of the display. For instance, kindergarteners painted the table and created the background scenery. First grade was responsible for making all of the skiers, snowboarders, sledders, and animals. The second grade designed and sculpted the snowmen and trees. Third grade built igloos and village houses out of LEGOs and cardboard. And finally, the fourth grade constructed ski lift chairs with skiers and snowboarders.

Who decided on the theme?

bridge, water, and train leaving scene on kids' layout
Dominick Andrews photo

The school’s Related Arts teachers (library, music, gym, STEAM, and art) decided on the theme “Winter Wonderland” to accompany our school’s holiday performances and festivities.

How long did the project take?

LEGO buildings on layout
Dominick Andrews photo

The project took approximately three weeks to complete, between constructing all of the assets and assembling the train display.

What type of locomotive and rolling stock are you running?

locomotive on kids' toy train layout
Dominick Andrews photo

The locomotive is a Lionel Chicago & Northwestern GP 38-2 “4600” diesel engine (from 1992). The boxcar is an O gauge Lionel boxcar (I am not sure of the specifics because it has been painted). Next is a Lionel Shell Tank Car (No. 9152). Finally, the caboose is a Lionel Chessie System Caboose (No. 9167).

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