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Classic Toy Trains new products for December 2023

By Rene Schweitzer | December 1, 2023

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Locomotives & rolling stock

Metropolitan Division of the Train Collectors Association (METCA) has several custom-run products. The first is a Lionel 2-8-0 Consolidation in New Hope & Ivyland livery. They also have two Lionel Legacy engines, an SD50 Reading & Northern (red head paint scheme) and two SD70Aces, one in Lionel Lines and one with P-51 Mustang Red Tail graphics. All engines expected in late 2024. Pre-order at

METCA also has a custom run of Atlas O’s Master Line Berwick Boxcars, with two versions in Penn Central and two versions of Chessie system. Pre-order at

blue boxcar on track
Pennsylvania Railroad 6464-200


purple boxcar on track
Lehigh Valley 6464-520

Lastly, METCA has two new Lionel 6464 boxcars inspired by the classic postwar Lionel “Girls Set.” The blue Pennsylvania Railroad 6464-200 features lettering similar to the original Tuscan red boxcar. The purple Lehigh Valley 6464-520 fills in the “missing” number in the 6464 series. Delivery expected in summer 2024. Price: $94 each. Pre-order at

The Atlas O Fall 2023 Premier Catalog was recently posted on the manufacturer’s website. The 32-page catalog features a mix of locomotives, commuter cars, and rolling stock from the Premier, Master, and Trainman product ranges.

blue and silver model locomotive
Atlas O SD45

Two models that will be making their debut under the Atlas O banner are the Premier line Electro-Motive Division SD45 and the 70-foot bi-level gallery car. Road names on the EMD SD45 will include CP Rail, CSX, Guilford/Springfield Terminal, Norfolk & Western, Southern Pacific, and Union Pacific. The six-axle road locomotive is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2024. The 70-foot bi-level gallery car is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2024. To see the catalog, visit

purple and silver model train
Disney 100 Years of Wonder set

Lionel has the Disney 100 years of Wonder starter set (2323040), which includes a 4-4-2 steam locomotive and tender, Disappearing Mickey coach, celebration coach, and observation cars, plus 10 pieces of FasTrack, a LionChief remote, and a wall-pack power supply. MSRP is $529.99. See more at

Christmas boxcar
Knights of Columbus Christmas boxcar

The Knights of Columbus offer a custom-run Lionel boxcar. The 2023 Keep Christ in Christmas boxcar is the ninth in a series. Price: $90 each, which includes shipping. Expected delivery around Christmas. Website:

Details and accessories

red model fire truck
Menards 1956 fire truck

Menards has several varieties of 1:48-scale 1956 trucks available, including a fuel truck, a tow truck, and a dump truck. Shown is the Cripple Creek fire truck (SKU 275-9226). Cost: $5.99 each. See the different versions at their website:

(SP) Smoke Pellets is selling a limited-edition bottle of their smoke pellets to commemorate Mario Mazzone, the Lionel chemist who discovered the pellets’ formula in 1948. Each bottle is laser-engraved “1948-2023, 75 years” and features a photograph of Mazzone. Price: $39.95. Order from or email

Books & media

cover of DVD with orange engine
Calling All Trains! DVD

TM Books and Video has released I Love Toy Trains: Calling All Trains! This 30-minute DVD contains family-friendly entertainment at the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, two new railroad songs by James Coffey, an Oh No! blooper, and more. Price: $14.99. Website:

How Diesel & Electric Locomotives Work, the latest book by Kalmbach Media author Jeff Wilson, is a complete guide to the inner workings of the locomotives powering today’s railroads. The 208-page softcover book (item No. 01320, $27.99) includes a brief history of the locomotive types and the development of the diesel engine, explanations of components and systems, descriptions of how these parts function, insights into the design differences between manufacturers, and more.

Arthur Koppel Narrow Gauge Railway Materials is a recent addition to the Manufacturers’ Catalog Archive from SilverLake Images LLC. The book is a reproduction of a 1901 Arthur Koppel catalog. Inside you’ll find information on rails and rail-related equipment, turnouts, frogs, dump cars, log cars, boxcars, ore cars, and passenger equipment. In addition, there are illustrations of many of the cars and photos showing how they were used in different industries. The 86-page softcover book is priced at $35. Contact Ron’s Books to order ( or 914-967-7541).

cover of DVD with service manuals
Lionel Postwar Service Manuals 1947-1966

Bob Osterhoff has released two new DVDs. Lionel Postwar Service Manuals 1947-1966 (with bonus prewar replacement parts catalog). This DVD contains more than 1,400 Lionel manual pages, including parts lists and schematic diagrams. Price: $40 plus $3.95 shipping. Also available is a DVD copy of Greenberg’s Lionel Prewar Trains Repair and Operating Manual by John Hubbard. This contains 98 pages of an out-of-print book and 20 pages of Lionel 700E repair and assembly. Price: Price: $18 plus $4 shipping. Call 636-458-3659 or order online. Website:

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Vol. 36 is the latest book from Silverlake Images LLC. This 385-page book includes drawings, photos, and data from improvements made to the Association of American Railroads 1937 Standard Box Car over a 20-year period. Cost: $90. Order from Ron’s Books. Website:


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