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Atlas O Premier streamlined passenger cars

By Cody Grivno | January 3, 2024

Surprise announcements include two- and four-car sets and single cars

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Cover image of Atlas O Premier December 2023 catalog featuring streamlined passenger cars.
Streamlined passenger cars were featured in the Atlas O Premier December 2023 catalog.

Atlas O Premier streamlined passenger cars were the subject of a surprise product announcement in late December. The manufacturer will be offering the 70-foot cars in two- and four-car sets as well as single cars, all in multiple paint schemes.

Four-car sets

Color photo of four O gauge passenger cars.
The Atlas O Premier streamlined passenger cars will be available in six four-car sets. The Delaware & Hudson set includes a baggage car, coach, and diner in the railroad’s blue-and-yellow scheme and an observation car lettered for New York Central. Atlas O photos

Atlas O will be offering six four-car sets. Paint schemes include Delaware & Hudson (baggage car, coach, diner, and New York Central observation car), Erie Lackawanna (baggage car, two coaches, and diner), New York Central (1938 and 1940 schemes with two sleepers, diner, and observation car; Empire State Express with two coaches, diner, and observation car), and Maine Eastern/Morristown & Eastern (diner and three coaches). The four-car sets are priced between $479.95 and $499.95.

Two-car sets

Color photo of two O gauge passenger cars.
New York Central two-packs will be offered in three paint schemes. The 1938 set includes Railway Post Office No. 5020 and sleeper Cascade Glen.

The five two-car streamlined passenger car sets will be decorated for D&H (coach and NYC diner), EL (coach and sleeper), and New York Central (1938 and 1940 schemes with Railway Post Office and sleeper; Empire State Express with two coaches). The two-car sets have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $239.95 to $249.95.

Single cars

Color image of O gauge passenger coach.
Maine Eastern/Morristown & Erie coach Magnolia is one of three single cars announced by Atlas O. The 70-foot streamlined car is designed to go with the manufacturer’s previously announced Electro-Motive Division F40PH diesel locomotive lettered for Maine Eastern.

Wrapping up the announcements are three single cars: Maine Eastern/Morristown & Erie coach Magnolia, D&H Vista-Dome Bluff Point, and EL Railway Post Office No. 692. The single cars are priced between $119.95 and $129.95.

Product features

All of the Atlas O Premier streamlined passenger cars are built to 1:48 proportions. Features on the cars include an ABS body, stamped metal floor, detailed interior and underbody, light-emitting-diode interior lighting, die-cast metal trucks with metal wheelsets, metal handrails, and diaphragms. Baggage cars have positionable doors. The three-rail cars are equipped with die-cast metal couplers and have Kadee-compatible coupler mounting pads. The passenger cars, scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2024, will operate on O-42 curves.

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