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Atlas O announces models from MTH tooling

By Hal Miller | June 25, 2021

Premier locomotives, rolling stock fill catalog

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Sample page from Atlas O catalog

Sample page from Atlas O catalog

Atlas O in June released a new catalog offering products made from recently acquired MTH Trains tooling. The company acquired the majority of MTH’s Premier line of locomotives and rolling stock molds in spring 2021.

The latest product announcements are titled the Atlas O Premier Catalog. In it are the first two offerings, a GE 44-tonner and an EMD SD40-2. Both locomotives have MTH DCS Proto-Sound 3.0.

Five Premier freight car models will also be making their debuts, including a 40’ PS-1 boxcar, 2-bay offset hopper, 50’ Gunderson high-cube boxcar, 50’ Airslide hopper, and the 8,000-gallon “Beer Can” tankcar with authentic brewing company paint schemes.

In addition, the company is producing a new Atlas Master Gunderson Multi-Max autorack. It will be available in five roadnames and features opening doors and available slide-in racks. Three new structure kits are also being introduced.

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