Toy Train Layouts for Small Spaces


In this Issue

Building the benchwork for a 4 x 8 O gauge layout

A great layout starts with a solid base

Meet the chairman of the board – John Cunius

Amazing O gauge layout in 4 x 8 feet

Take the ‘A’ train

“A” as in Albee’s O gauge layout

Flyer expands in a two-car garage

S gauge trains replace full-size autos

An O gauge layout named Eltringham Station

Paying tribute to a good friend with a unique O gauge layout

Building a postwar-style Marx display

Showing off vintage tinplate trains on an 8 x 8-foot layout

Fundamentals of wiring your compact layout

Know these track power basics

Magical tour on an 8 x 12 layout

Trains really travel on Steve Kisver’s O gauge railroad

Plus much more!

Toy Train Layouts for Small Spaces, pg. 6
Compact layouts have always been a part of the hobby. Get started on one now.

Modest beginnings, pg. 7
Where so many of us got started with our toy trains

Small workhorse: CTT’s City Transfer & Terminal, pg. 8
This multi-role 5 x 9-foot O gauge layout truly earns its keep

7 proven O gauge plans for small spaces, pg. 22
Lionel FasTrack plans ranging from 4 x 8 to 5 x 9 feet

A retro-style O gauge plan, pg. 25
Go back in time on this 4 x 8-foot layout

Grades on your railroad, pg. 26
Grades add operating and visual interest to

Two sheets to grow on, pg. 40
This O gauge layout can be built in stages

FasTrack 5 x 9 made to handle the curves … and more, pg. 42
Compact O gauge plan with features more often found on large layouts

Saluting a few great, pg. 54

Transformers and track for your compact layout, pg. 70
Choose traditional or high-tech, or a mix

The Esposito family’s newest addition, pg. 74
Time to build a new layout for this growing family

Industrial mite, pg. 80
Small motive power has plenty of room to roam on this 4 x 8-foot O gauge track plan

Three Lionel displays that make terrific compact layouts, pg. 82
Reviving what postwar designers built for retailers

Travel in an O gauge time machine to 1932 and 1963, pg. 86
Kevin Coyle’s twin layouts remind us of two interesting years for Lionel

Four fun-filled 4 x 8-foot track plans, pg. 91
These small O gauge plans offer intriguing themes for popular Atlas, Lionel, and

Three O gauge track plans for a not-so-big bedroom, pg. 96
These wall-hugging track plans leave room to live