Lionel Trains Best Layouts & Store Displays


In this Issue

The amazing variety of Lionel displays

Layouts were prominent – but they weren’t everything

The purposes of displays

Entertaining customers to get them to spend money!

Creating displays for the public to buy

Lionel added tools to its promotional arsenal: 1917-28

The Display Department set the standard

Lionel took steps to build for its diverse base of customers

Gallery of prewar and postwar layouts

Discovering some of the greatest displays built by Lionel

The height of prewar displays

Incredible gems – many lost over time

Showing motion on counters and walls

Diverse ancillary items depicted Lionel trains in action

A panorama of great displays from midcentury

Lionel presented a delightful array of promotional items and art

Displays from the peak of the postwar era

Three action-packed layouts reached stores every year between 1953 and 1957

Accessories dominated displays between 1958 and 1963

Selling space age items became the priority

Discovering Lionel’s finest layouts and other displays