All-Star Electric Trains


In this Issue

Pioneers in realistic modeling showed us the future

Herb and Dagmar Lindsay’s O gauge New York Central & Pennsylvania RR
Josef Lesser’s O gauge JL/AT&SF Ry.

Sole survivor: Lionel 1951 Cheerios contest layout

The top prize for train lovers was this 8 x 8-foot display

Building the layouts millions loved

Clarke Dunham’s public exhibits have influenced a generation of model railroaders since 1987

The master of Lionel displays

Jack Kindler’s work transformed Lionel’s New York showroom in the postwar era

30 years of magnificent photography – 1

Great photographers have elevated CTT to the top
Art Schmidt and Chris Becker

Great layout builders – 2

Two builders who see virtues in all kinds of toy trains
Peter Riddle’s multi-period displays
Peter Atonna’s Standard, O, and S gauge model railroads

Gems of a great postwar Lionel collection

Joe Algozzini has inspired and informed CTT readers since the beginning

Memories of the finest builder at American Flyer

Frank Castiglione knew how to show the best of Gilbert’s trains

Talkin’ Toy Trains returns after 14 years!

Interest never wanes when it’s about more than just the trains

30 years of magnificent photography – 2

Great photographers have elevated CTT to the top
•Jim Forbes and William Zuback

Winter comes to the Lionel showroom

Employees at the postwar landmark changed the big display layout to reflect the season

A love for trains leaves its Marx

Eric Beheim photographs his favorite Marx models in terrific settings

Tribute to postwar Lionel

O gauge trains have been central to Philip Klopp’s life

Great layout builders – 3

Lionel’s postwar classics motivate energetic builders
Stan Trzoniec’s O gauge Delaware & Raritan Valley RR
Steve Garofalo’s Super O and O gauge layouts and displays


Celebrating 30 Years of Classic Toy Trains and Our Hobby