How To Restoration & Repair CTT’s Port Terminal & Western RR: Day 3 & 4

CTT’s Port Terminal & Western RR: Day 3 & 4

By Angela Cotey | January 20, 2014

| Last updated on May 7, 2021

Watch this timelapse video as the CTT staff put up the backdrop and create scenery for the Port Terminal & Western RR.

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After building the benchwork and laying track, the CTT staff got to work creating scenery for this layout, including a backdrop that splits this compact layout into two distinct scenes. Get the full story in the March 2014 issue!

13 thoughts on “CTT’s Port Terminal & Western RR: Day 3 & 4

  1. Jeez, I worked up a sweat just watching that thing!

    Man, you guys know how to WORK! Or was it a coffee overdose?

  2. Great article; CTT has always proven to be a wealth of information for me in my efforts to go "railroading!" Cool video – if only my work went that fast (than again, it might take all the fun out of the hobby, not to mention the satisfaction of building a railroad).

  3. Yes, not a beginner's how-to, but is a great overview, start-to-finish, "here's what to expect as the railroad progresses". One thing, "Day 4" involved at least three clothing changes. That's a lot of wardrobe for one day. Keep up the great work…

  4. This video is great! Man you guys work alot faster than I do. I am building a new layout and have picked up a few tips and ideas from the articles and videos.

  5. I am planning a new layout that will be built later this year. I am going to utilize some of your building techniques. I commend the Classic Toy Train staff for their expertise.

  6. Very Interesting! This was fun to watch, but I would have like to have seen the train running through the scenery after the work was done!

  7. Another brilliant layout with a fantastic transition between the 2 scenes. This layout and the most recent project layout in Model Railroader have inspired me to complete my own layout which seemed to have hit a dead end of late. Thanks

  8. I like the idea of a central backdrop with a rural scene on one side and an urban scene on the other. I thought that the scenery looked very nice.

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