Modeling Layout Visits Video: Trains running on George Sellios’ HO scale Franklin & South Manchester

Video: Trains running on George Sellios’ HO scale Franklin & South Manchester

By | January 19, 2011

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George Sellios’ HO scale Franklin & South Manchester is famous for its superdetailed scenes. George has modified this famous model train layout for operations. You’ll see both passenger and freight trains running on this model railroad.

25 thoughts on “Video: Trains running on George Sellios’ HO scale Franklin & South Manchester

  1. I would love to see this same video in a higher resolution. What a fantastic railroad….a true work of art.

  2. I have been following this railroad since it first appeared in MR. The best most realistic model railroad I have ever seen.

  3. Absolutely the best urban scenery I've ever seen – an inspiration to us all. So much detail and atmosphere! Great piano player(s) too.

  4. I have been following the F&SM since its inception back in 1986(?). I still have a copy of the MR issue that this model railroad appeared in. There is no doubt that this is one of the best model railroads ever conceived.

  5. I was fortunate enough to visit Georges layout three weeks ago. I was totally amazed at what he created and the incredible detail of his entire layout.50 gallon drums, under the water, in a river scene to animals frolicing in the woods. The detail of his buildings and scenery is fantastic.

  6. I keep watching it over and over. One of the best layouts I have seen in all of my years in this great hobby. I give it a 10

  7. George has created something that borders on art and time travel. A really great video could be made of it and should be for all to see.

  8. No offence to Richard but I prefer stationary camera shots and some of the panning video shots but the zoom makes it hard to concentrate on the scenery and the trains . It becomes to busy and static and takes away from the the wonderful work of the layout and the trains. Sorry.

  9. I came of age in reading Model Railroader when John Allen was the pinnacle of modeling. Just after that, FSM came along with ads in MR for structure kits that looked a lot like what John Allen scratchbuilt for his layout. George Selios has said that John Allen was a big influence to him, and that shows in his layout.

    I hope someday MR (or someone) can do an interview with George where he tells all how he could afford the time and money to create such a magnificent layout.

    Let's face it, his kit prices (that have grown quite a bit through the years, but still a great value) can't explain it. In the long run, it doesn't really matter, because there are only a few people like him and John Allen that no matter how much time and money, could have the kind of creativity and talent to pull this kind of thing off.

    He should be an inspiration to all us model railroaders, but we also have to be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that if we can't quite rise to the level of a George Selios or John Allen, then we shouldn't even finish our current project.

    I'm way too guilty of that more often than I like.

    It's all about inspiration, not intimidation. I'm sure George would agree, and if John Allen were still with us, he would chime in with the same sentiment.


  10. The Franklin & South Manchester has always been inspirational. When's someone going to produce a (coffee table size/scale) book featuring George Sellios and the F&SM from it's first incarnation, through all the changes and modifications, to the present? Something along the line of Howard Zane's full color volume about his model railroad. Thanks to George for creating the F&SM, his gift to the rest of us.

  11. This layout is always inspiring.To see trains running on it is
    a real treat.I for one like the music;just wish the camera stayed
    on each train a little longer.Thanks to all involved,and a special
    thanks to George Selios.

  12. Beautiful!!! Bar none the best ho layout I've ever seen. I am modeling an Ho Urban scene and I am totally inspired by this. It is really expressive and a work of art. I could watch this again and again. Excelent video as well.

  13. This is Model Railroading at it's Best. I could'nt put down the Magizine when I got it and can't imagine the Creativity involved here. Just Love it! Thanks George!

  14. I would have to say every layout in 'layout- visit' is treat to us all, about the music for backing, love it! as a musican myself I've heard some great guitar work, wish I knew who it was on some of the other tracks?? maybe it would be nice to see a small credit 'music by …." all the work, the art, and the reason MR is on the night stand next to King James, yeah it's that good! keep up the great work MR staff!

  15. I wonder to long it took to create all this detail and construct such a master piece… The knowledge needed to make it all work, the cost for every thing…

    I hope that my models come out half as good as this! I love the detail and have learned a lot from just watching and reading all materials from George Sellios and his wonderful Franklin & South Manchester videos. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Never get tired of seeing George's layout. What a piece of art it is. For me the music just sets the mood for viewing his layout. Has that 20's flare….

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