Behind The Scenes Free Videos Summer Camp 2023 | Aug. 28–Sept. 3 Summer Camp 2023 | Aug. 28–Sept. 3

By David Popp | August 1, 2023

Summer Camp fun for everyone!

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Get ready for Summer Camp 2023! From Aug. 28-Sept. 3, Camp Director David Popp will present members with an all-new series of videos — one each day of the week — addressing modeling, weathering, scenery, and more!

Unlike traditional camp activities, such as fishing, hiking, and canoeing, our summer camp features all-things model railroading. It includes helpful tips, techniques, and advice that you can use on your layout, regardless of scale. And the best part: No poison ivy or mosquito bites!

Projects featured in Summer Camp 2023 include:

Install a DCC capacitor pack to improve sound-equipped locomotive operation

  • Build a king post truss bridge wood kit
  • Letter and decal a steam locomotive
  • Build a white-metal vehicle kit
  • Weather a wooden boxcar
  • Prep and paint assorted metal, resin, and laser-cut wood layout details
  • Paint O scale chickens (Yes, we’re really painting chickens – who wouldn’t want to?)

This special series is exclusively for Unlimited members, so be sure your membership is up to date. You won’t want to miss a single day of Summer Camp 2023!

2 thoughts on “ Summer Camp 2023 | Aug. 28–Sept. 3

  1. Love that we get video on all the small(er) projects too. These are often the ones that vex us modelers the most, thus slowing potential progress (and fun).

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