Behind The Scenes Free Videos Meet Actor Michael Gross | EXCLUSIVE Interview

Meet Actor Michael Gross | EXCLUSIVE Interview

By | September 5, 2023

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Meet actor and model railroader Michael Gross. While he was in Milwaukee, Wisc., for Trainfest 2022, he carved out some time to talk with us about his family’s storied history in railroading and how he became a modeler. Michael also shares with us how features like the magazine archive and video streaming have provided helpful tips and guidance for his endeavors. Not a member? Take Michael’s advice and check out the 30-day free trial of Unlimited!

3 thoughts on “Meet Actor Michael Gross | EXCLUSIVE Interview

  1. I’m pretty sure for a fact that there are famous people and celebrities in the entertainment world. Actors musicians, pop stars that are train buffs and model railroaders but might just be a bit cautious or hesitant to share their interest of trains with the public because of the stigma that people have attached to rail fans and model railroaders that see us as strange or unusual or immature and consider it as playing with toy trains which is not the case. If more famous people could and would come out and share their interest and hobby of model railroading and railfanning the general public would change their perception and mindset that the hobby of trains and model railroading is just like any other hobby or interest. One celebrity does come to mind and has shared his love of trains and model railroading and contributed several articles to Model Railroader and that is the rock icon and pop star. Rod Stewart who has a great model train layout and collection and there are a few others but for lack of space Not able to include all of them Joseph C Markfelder

  2. Hello Michael Gross,

    It was interesting to hear how you go into model railroading. It was the same for me because of my late grandfather on my dad’s side worked for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad in a track gang. He was always bringing home wild vegetables that would sometimes grow along the right of way. I grew-up in Oregon, Illinois about two blocks from the Burlington’s “Chicago & Iowa” Chicago to Savanna mainline. Although I model the 1970s Burlington Northern in HO scale, I will always have a place in my heart for the ole “Q” because of my grandfather.

    Bryan Smith

  3. Great to see some famous people that enjoy an support the hobby, insightful discussion into mr Gross’s family history of railroading.I just hope more individuals would help get the word out about a great life long hobby.

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