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Preview Garden Railways May and June 2024 content

By Rene Schweitzer | May 1, 2024

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While we may no longer be printing Garden Railways magazine, we’re adding new content to every week! Here’s a few recent items, and a preview of what’s coming in the next month. Become a member so you don’t miss any of this great content!

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Kitbashing a lawn maintenance business

front of model structure on grass
Bill Barnwell photo

Meet Steve Bittinger

two model engines on track
The pair of S4 diesel switchers are about to enter the mainline at Moselburg, W.VA. This is the western terminus of the railroad. Moselburg is the site of a 35-car yard and engine service facility. This is on a portion of the indoor section of the railroad. Steve Bittinger photo

Scratchbuilt model donated to museum

model of electric train
The CUT P1-a locomotive, built by Evan Roderick. Photo coutesty of Northern Ohio Railway Museum

Coming soon

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Demystifying operations

hand holding piece of paper with writing

Tom Gaps explains how a typical “ops” session works on his garden railroad.

Build a pickle car

model pickle car on garden railway
Peckinpah’s Pickle Co. is ready to receive another load of pickles, thanks to this scratchbuilt car. Rob Eaton photo

Rod Eaton scratchbuilds a pickle car.


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