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By | November 24, 2015

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The template will either have to change to filters if the content is filterable or to elementor full width if content/links should be added to the page.


**There aren’t any UNIQUE photo sections, at least as of 8/25/2020. Steph incorporated photos & photo galleries into the design so I am leaving this section, but know that the only photo content that is on the GRW section of the site are the photos that live in Plant Portraits or Projects section (as there are articles that incorporate photo galleries in dif parts of site). Right now, their current site creates a separate page for any photo galleries, so the same photo gallery is found in two places. If we want a dedicated photo gallery section for GRW… will either be duplicate content, or can just link to the Projects, Completed Indoor Layouts, or Plant Portrait pages that feature photo galleries. Not sure how this will be done – according to Greg, it will depend on how the migration and import works.

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