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LGB large scale construction starter set

By Hal Miller | August 17, 2020

| Last updated on July 5, 2023

This G scale LGB set and extras are a great introduction to the hobby

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LGB large scale construction starter set
In addition to the steam locomotive, the Construction Site Set includes a gondola and dump car in a yellow paint scheme.

What’s the easiest way to get going in outdoor railroading? Why, with a starter set, of course. And what’s the easiest way to get someone young interested in the hobby? Also with an entry level package, but it has to be the right one.

LGB may have just cracked the code with its Construction Site Train. It contains a durable, brightly colored locomotive and cars you’ll love, and that you won’t be afraid to let your kids play with.
It’s also a set that can grow. This review includes the Construction Site Add-on Set, which enhances the play value of the original package. There’s a separate-sale crane car and track packages available to expand a budding railroad.
BUILDING A RAILROAD. The Construction Site Set (no. 70503) contains a narrow-gauge steam locomotive, a dump car, and low-sided gondola. It also features

a box of 12 sections of curved track and clips to hold the track together. Capping it off is a power supply, controller, and electrical track clamps.

There are also two sheets of peel-and-stick decals representing different companies as well as safety striping. The stickers can be affixed to the rolling stock.
If you’re familiar with LGB trains, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the locomotive and cars before. This time they’re molded in a bright yellow that’s sure to be seen at a construction site.
The track is easy to put together and forms a 51-inch circle. Connecting the sections with the clips will help you avoid having the track come apart (he said after learning the hard way).

After screwing the power clamps to each rail, it’s a simple task to attach the pre-stripped wires to the controller. Plug the power supply cable into the receptacle on the transformer, and the other end into an electrical socket. Add your trains to the track and you’re ready to go.

There are no surprises with the train. The 0-4-0 tank engine is a tried-and-true runner and performed well right out of the box. It has a working headlight. Its motor has plenty of power and appears well protected from the elements.
The cars are easy to get on the rails and are ideal companions to the engine. A youngster – or kid at heart – could add cargo or other light loads to each of the cars for more fun.
LGB large scale construction starter set
The heart of the LGB Construction Site set is a locomotive, cars, track, and power pack shown here.
ADDING ON. Speaking of more fun, LGB offers a Construction Site Add-on Set (no. 49500). It includes an articulated figure, several caution cones and barricades, a dump car for the train, and a front-loader. The latter takes two AA batteries, which are included in the box. The tractor has buttons on the rear deck that make the light on top flash, and raise and lower the bucket. Of course, there are sounds to accompany all the action.

Also available to expand your railroad construction fleet is a crane car (no. 40043). Of course, you can always add track and turnouts when you want to expand.
READY FOR SOME FUN? All in all, the starter set offers a lot of play value for the money. The locomotive and cars are sturdy and are capable of hauling anything from sand and gravel to candy or die-cast vehicles.
I loaded dog treats in the gondola to see if I could get my dog interested. Unfortunately, he was having no part of it.
The add-on set just makes a good thing even better. It’s nice having the extra dump car in the train, and the frontloader is a blast to play with. I wished I had a sand box!
Both come at a price that won’t break the bank. Who knows, they could be just the thing to get a friend or a grandchild into the hobby.
LGB large scale construction starter set
A construction add-on set is available that includes signs, figures, a loader, and an add-on car to expand the construction site train.


Facts & Features

1406 Creek Trail Drive, Suite 100
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Price: Construction Site Starter Train
Set $219.99; Construction Site Add-on
Set $69.99
■ Locomotive with headlight
■ Two cars
■ 51″ circle of track
■ Controller with power supply

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