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Accucraft British passenger cars

By Marc Horovitz | October 26, 2018

More MK I British coaches in 1:32 scale

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Marc Horovitz
1:32 scale, gauge-1 British passenger cars
33260 Central Ave.
Union City CA 94587
Price: $275 ea.

Gauge 1, 1:32-scale British MK I coaches; mostly plastic bodies; full interior detail; rubber diaphragms; metal trucks (equalized) and wheelsets; working knuckle couplers; sprung buffers. Dimensions: length over end beams (per coach), 23 3/4″; width, 3 1/4″; height, 4 3/4″. In 1:32 scale, this works out to 63’4″ x 8’8″ x 12’8″, respectively

Good level of detail; detailed interiors; high fidelity to prototype; excellent paint and graphics; free-rolling trucks; prototypically close coupling; correct scale/gauge combination

Cons: Rudimentary underbody detail; some details are fragile (brake shoes); add-on details are miniscule

Marc Horovitz
Marc Horovitz
Marc Horovitz
Accucraft has added two more to their line of MK I British coaches. The first series was reviewed in our December 2014 issue. Sent for review this time, both in green, are a second-class open coach (#R32-12DB) and a first-class corridor coach (#R32-13DB). Several liveries are available. Both cars are equipped with working knuckle couplers, rubber diaphragms (non-compressing), and sprung buffers.

Bodies are plastic, with much detail molded in. Also supplied are tiny (scale) cast-brass door handles that must be applied by the buyer. If your cars are to be display pieces, these are fine. Otherwise, you might consider leaving them off. Grab irons of brass wire are applied near the doors. All windows are glazed and lavatory windows are frosted. The signage found on the prototypes’ windows is faithfully reproduced on the models. The tiny print is quite readable with a glass.

The level of detail is generally excellent. Roof and car-end detail is quite good, as is that on the truck frames. However, the underbody detail is pretty rudimentary. Basically, anything that can be seen when the cars are sitting on the rails is well represented.

Interiors are fully detailed. The corridor coach has all interior walls in place, as well as seats in each compartment. The open coach has bench seats on either side of built-in tables. Paint and graphics are up to Accucraft’s usual high standards, with even the tiniest type being clear and sharp.

Trucks (bogies) have diecast frames with most detail cast in. Brake shoes are add-ons and are somewhat vulnerable, so be careful not to bump them too hard. Wheels appear to be chemically blackened and have a nice, dull finish. Axles are insulated for two-rail electrical operation. The cars are free rolling and look very good indeed on the rails. Because of the prototypical length of these cars and their close coupling, wide-radius curves are a must for good operation.

If you’re running British passenger service, and especially if you already have the first four cars offered, these new coaches will be a welcome addition to your consist.

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