News & Reviews News Preview September and October 2023 Garden Railways content

Preview September and October 2023 Garden Railways content

By Rene Schweitzer | September 1, 2023

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While we may no longer be printing Garden Railways magazine, we’re adding new content to every week! Here’s a few recent items, and a preview of what’s coming in the next month. Become a member so you don’t miss any of this great content!

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Diesel locomotives in the garden

two red cabooses being pushed by a green switcher
Bob Whipple photo

Enjoy a photo gallery of everything diesel!

Kitbash a saddle tank engine

maroon and black model steam engine
The author used an LGB 0-4-0, a Lionel 0-4-0, and various other parts to create this engine. Bill Barnwell photo

Bill Barnwell kitbashed this engine into something unique.

Coming in October

A double-feature: two articles on using Playmobil in the garden railway.

girl concentrating on building piece of rolling stock
Eric’s daughter uses Playmobil to scale a rolling stock project. Eric Mueller photo

Meet the modeler: Ted Yarbrough

Plant portrait: creeping milkwort

And more!

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