News & Reviews News Preview April and May Garden Railways content

Preview April and May Garden Railways content

By Rene Schweitzer | April 1, 2023

Kitbash a Texaco gas station, working with hypertufa, and more

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Preview April and May Garden Railways content

While we may no longer be printing Garden Railways magazine, we’re adding new content to every week! Here’s a few recent items, and a preview of what’s coming in the next month. Become a member so you don’t miss any of this great content!

Kitbash a Texaco gas station

Using broken pieces of a structure, Bill Barnes created a Texaco station for his railway.

model Texaco gas station on a table
The Texaco station is ready to serve customers. The author purchased the decals and gas pumps online. Photo by Bill Barnwell

Make a durable grade crossing

John DeBeck wanted a grade crossing that would withstand full-size car traffic. Learn how he installed one in a parking lot.

man holding pair of trucks on gauge-1 track
EngineHouse Services’ Dick Foreen uses a set of trucks to check the gauge of the tracks before blacktop sealer is placed outside of the gaps on each rail. Photo by John DeBeck


Meet Mark Botrill

Meet the UK garden railroader who models 1980s Conrail.

man next to a GG1 locomotive
The author in front of a GG1 at the Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum during one of his many railfan trips to Conrail territory.

Use hypertufa on your garden railroad

Nancy Norris is back with a brand-new article on using this concrete-based product on your line.

man on garden railroad near sculpture of human head
Nancy Norris photo
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