How To Large Scale Layouts Rebuilding the Snow Creek Railroad

Rebuilding the Snow Creek Railroad

By Bob Treat | February 23, 2024

After nearly 20 years, the line gets updated and simplified

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Garden railway at a glance

An engine exiting a tunnel
An engine exits the tunnel at Bare Bear. Photo by Bob Treat

Name: Snow Creek Railroad
Size: Approximately 50′ x 50′
Scale: 1:20.3
Gauge: Nº 1 (45mm)
Era: 1930-1950
Theme: High desert/mountain railroad accessing mines, quarries, and passengers
Age: Original, 19 years; rebuilt portion, 3 years
Motive power: LGB and Bachmann locomotives
Length of mainline: 300′
Maximum grade: 3%
Type of track: Llagas Creek, code 215, nickel silver
Minimum radius: 7′
Structures: Scratchbuilt and kitbashed
Control: Battery/radio control (Airwire)

A model town on a rocky outcropping
The trestle bents, the retaining wall, and debris are used to create vertical drama and to expand the apparent size of the town of Snow Creek. Photo by Bob Treat
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