How To Large Scale Layouts Garden railroading in the winter

Garden railroading in the winter

By Rene Schweitzer | January 22, 2023

| Last updated on February 2, 2023

A selection of photos and snowplows from across the country

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Enjoy a selection of photos of garden railroading in the winter. If you run your railway in the snow and have photos or video, let us know at You could be featured in a future article!

Richard Ormond

Chester Valley Garden Railroad

Richard Ormond owns the Chester Valley Garden Railroad in Malvern, Pa. He runs trains year round, and sent us these fabulous winter shots.

snowy scene with model locomotive and station
DRG&W LGB 0-4-0 sits at the handbuilt Frazer Station, waiting for the line to be cleared of freshly fallen snow on the Chester Valley Garden Railroad. Photo by Richard Ormond


snowy scene with model locomotive and station
GB White Pass 110 passes over the Pickering creek as fresh snow falls on the Chester Valley Rail Road. Photo by Richard Ormond

Steve Kamm

model snowplow
Photo by Steve Kamm

Steve Kamm lives in Oklahoma, where he doesn’t have any snow yet, but he’s getting ready just in case. He put together this homemade snowplow. He started with a black scrapped plastic two-truck U.S.M.R.R. tender. After removing the tender body, he glued on a wood floor and then built the structure from wood. He added N/B/W castings, and created a blade from sheet aluminum. Finally, he cut the tender body, mounted it, added details, and weathered it.

garden railroading in the winter: model snowplow
Photo by Steve Kamm


Shawn Viggiano

Kittatinny Mountain RR

Shawn Viggiano isn’t one to shy away from running his Kittatinny Mountain RR (featured in the Fall 2019 issue, on a cold winter day. In fact, he rather enjoys the challenges and rewards that stem from firing his live-steam locomotives, even when the temperature drops to 6˚ Fahrenheit and the snow can be measured in feet. Not being the type to let Mother Nature win, Shawn grabs a warm coat, picks up a child-size shovel, and then starts to clear the way for trains and places to capture impressive winter images like this. See more in his photo essay.

garden railroading in the winter: model train plowing snow
Photo by Shawn Viggiano


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