How To Gardening Plant Portraits Miniature sedum

Miniature sedum

By Nancy Norris | August 19, 2021

| Last updated on June 16, 2023

Try planting this low-maintenance groundcover

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Figure next to miniature sedum
Miniature sedum might be the simple groundcover solution you’ve been looking for. Photo by Rene Schweitzer

Latin name: Sedum sp.
Common name: Miniature sedum

Plant type: Groundcover

Plant size: Foliage under 2″ tall x 10″ wide, or less
USDA Hardiness Zones: Varies

Cultural needs: Full sun and dry soil

Full size sedums (also known as stonecrops) have long been used as groundcovers for hot, sunny, dry sites. They spread quickly, are easily divided, and require little care once established. Now it’s becoming easier to find smaller, less aggressive species, such as baby toes, little buttons, and a whole new world of rock-garden and alpine species. Most will bloom for a short time in summer, with blossoms in a range of colors including white, rose, yellow, and red. Trim off blossoms as they fade to keep the succulent foliage full and compact.

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