Beginners Free Downloads Ideas for raising your railroad

Ideas for raising your railroad

By Angela Cotey | October 19, 2020

Blend benchwork and build your own roadbed

Raising your garden railroad from toe level to something approximating eye level can be quite a bit of work, but it is worth the effort. Imagine yourself saying to your friends “Just lie down on your stomach here on the ground and see how realistic the train looks coming around the bend.” You can guess the reply. Now imagine instead that your friends are relaxing in lawn chairs and watching as your new loco bursts out of a tunnel and chugs across a high bridge right in front of them. You won’t have to coax the compliments out of them!

In this free 13-page supplement to Garden Railways magazine, you can read about the basics for raising your railroad, blending benchwork into your backyard and building your own pre-cast concrete roadbed.

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