Toy Trains Tours & Visits Taking it easy in O gauge

Taking it easy in O gauge

By | March 4, 2021

Fred Laubie’s Buckeye Central RR is all about big fun

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This 35 x 56-foot layout features postwar and modern Lionel power pulling impressive trains made up of Atlas O, Golden Gate Depot, Lionel, and MTH cars.

It’s constructed with GarGraves track and Ross Custom Switches controlled by Circuitron and NJ International machines. Scenic highlights include a number of bridges and tunnels, a roundhouse, yard, coal mine, and several water features. The many structures that dot the landscape are scratchbuilt or from Lionel, Menards, and MTH.

Trains run through urban, industrial, and rural scenery as they traverse multiple layers.

One thought on “Taking it easy in O gauge

  1. What it cost if he built it without contractors is unbelievable. What it cost if he used contractors is unimaginable. The cost of his figures and die cast automobiles would pay for my entire layout…but cost aside, this thing is beautiful! And the video is one of the most creative I have seen.

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