Toy Trains Tours & Visits Running a childhood American Flyer set

Running a childhood American Flyer set

By Michael Marmer | January 26, 2021

This set has been in the family since 1958.

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Name: Michael Marmer
Railroad Name: D&K RR
Location: Germantown, Maryland
Scale: S
Theme: Small town America
Description: This is my childhood American Flyer Set that was for the family when it came out in 1958. I was 3 years old and I still remember it being set up and running in the house. I will be writing a story about this set and the engine in particular for the TCA E Train on line magazine soon. This is one of the rarest set produce by A.C. Gilbert and in my story I will write for E Train, it will include on how this engine was gone from me for 11 years when a hobby shop in Rockville, Maryland closed, as the engine was there for a repair.

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