Modeling Series Layout Builds Back On Track Gerry walks a fine line | Back on Track, Episode 15

Gerry walks a fine line | Back on Track, Episode 15

By Gerry Leone | March 10, 2022

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Gerry walks a fine line…the recently completed main line of his HO scale Bona Vista layout, that is! Our host, with assistance from his wife, has driven the Golden Spike into the trackwork of his double-deck model railroad. That’s a great time to take a walking tour of the construction progress. Following the tour, Gerry also shares several new Off the Rails tips he discovered or rediscovered while assembling the layout!

Getting to know Gerry

Back on Track host Gerry Leone is just as clever as he is comedic! But even better, he’s a masterful model railroader who’s knowledgeable in numerous areas of the hobby. In his MR Video Plus/ series Off the Rails, audiences enjoyed learning many of the helpful tips and techniques he used to assemble various layouts over the years. Exclusive video highlights much of his previous Bona Vista Railroad HO scale layout, and even examines specific details of his scenery construction in his Spaces to Places series.

With so many of Gerry’s talents at hand, we wouldn’t want any of them to go to waste! You can be sure to find him lending assistance in the construction of several other projects, including work on the O scale (1:48) Olympia Logging Co., the HO scale (1:87) Winston-Salem Southbound, and even the N scale (1:160) Canadian Canyons.

If you’re looking to find some of the tools and supplies Gerry uses in his path to modeling success, look no further than There, you’ll be able to further examine and directly purchase products he and other notable model railroaders frequently reference in videos!

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