Modeling Reviews Great Northern 4-8-4 from Broadway Limited Imports

Great Northern 4-8-4 from Broadway Limited Imports

By Cody Grivno | October 27, 2022

HO scale Brass-Hybrid model offered with open and vestibule cabs

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A Great Northern 4-8-4 from Broadway Limited Imports (BLI) is the latest visitor to our HO scale Milwaukee, Racine & Troy staff layout. The Brass-Hybrid model is offered in open and vestibule cab versions with a Glacier Green boiler in three road numbers each. The model is also available with an open cab and black boiler in one number.

The Great Northern 4-8-4 is equipped with a dual-mode Paragon4 sound decoder and Rolling Thunder. Sound effects on the class S2 model include a quillable whistle, adjustable bell ringing interval, Johnson Bar, and an automatic grade crossing signal. The chuff sound intensity varies with the load.

The BLI steam engine includes a built-in capacitor pack, which is automatically disabled on the program track for full compatibility with JMRI Decoder Pro. Other features on the GN 4-8-4 include synchronized puffing smoke with chuff sound, back-electromotive-force control, a five-pole can motor with skew-wound armature, and factory-installed engineer and fireman figures. The Brass-Hybrid model has a brass body and die-cast metal boiler, tender body, and chassis; separate, factory-applied handrails, ladders, piping, cab glass, whistle, brass bell, markers, and number boards; and rubber traction tires. Lighting effects separately controllable headlight, reverse light, and cab light. The locomotive has a recommended minimum radius of 22”.

The Great Northern4-8-4 from Broadway Limited Imports is priced at $869.99. To purchase the HO scale Brass-Hybrid model, visit your favorite BLI dealer. Product Review videos showcase the latest new items from manufacturers of products in Z, N, HO, S, O, and large scales. In the videos, you can watch locomotives in action, take a close-up look at details on freight cars, see kit components, and much more.

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