Behind The Scenes Trains LIVE Trains LIVE — Rail safety week 2023

Trains LIVE — Rail safety week 2023

By Bob Lettenberger | November 15, 2023

| Last updated on March 20, 2024

Your safety around trains is a year-round project

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Trains LIVE — Rail safety week 2023 — 11-15-2023 —

Every 3 hours someone is involved in a collision with or is killed by a train. During the annual Rail Safety Week, Operation Lifesaver, working with the railroads and law enforcement, focuses our attention on train safety.

Two men spray painting a warning sign on a grade crossing.
Canadian National Railway Special Agent Chris Wendorf works to stencil the “See Tracks. Think Train.” logo on the sidewalk at a Waukesha, Wis., grade crossing during Rail Safety Week 2023. Bob Lettenberger

See Tracks. Think Train. It is a mantra that is good not just during Rail Safety Week, but all year long.

For Rail Safety Week 2023, the Trains LIVE crew visited a Canadian National Railway grade crossing in Waukesha, Wis., to help stencil the crossing with safety signs. We also spoke with Canadian National Special Agent Chris Wendorf about his role in public safety as a railroad police officer. Gary Koerner, Wisconsin Operation Lifesaver coordinator, was also on hand to chat about how we can all be safe around train tracks. Koerner also discussed how you can become an Operation Lifesaver volunteer and help spread the rail safety message. Plus — spoiler alert — Trains LIVE host Bob Lettenberger is turned loose with the spray paint to help place the new crossing signs.

Trains LIVE — Rail safety week 2023.

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