Behind The Scenes Trains LIVE Trains LIVE — Making friends at summer railroad camp

Trains LIVE — Making friends at summer railroad camp

By Bob Lettenberger | October 6, 2023

| Last updated on March 20, 2024

Railroad camp is fun with trains and a time for personal growth

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Trains LIVE — Making friends at summer railroad camp 9-27-2023 — Railroad museums, tourist lines, railroad historical societies, even some universities host summer camp programs centered around trains. The programs are offered for all ages ranging from story and activity curricula for the youngest rail enthusiasts to taking the throttle of a steam locomotive for adults. These camps are great fun as we get to enjoy our railroad interests through new and different experiences.

Group of children working a railroad robotics project.
At the National Railroad Museum (Green Bay, Wis.) summer railroad campers engage in a wide range of train-related activities. Here, playing with robotics, they develop a new city. National Railroad Museum

Camp participants, whether they realize it or not, also experience personal growth during these summer events. This is especially true for youth campers, who are exposed to life skills like teamwork, respect, cooperation, and interacting with other people.

Trains LIVE visited summer railroad camp at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wis., this summer. There we talked with three campers, Austin, Caleb, and Izzy, along with their moms. Austin came to camp from England. Izzy is from Washington, D.C. For the boys, camp is all about fun with trains and their friends. Our moms — Sarah-Jane, Stephanie, and LeTesha — spoke of the positive impact the camp program has on their boys — and the fun they were having in and around summer railroad camp.

Trains LIVE — Making friends at summer railroad camp.

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