Behind The Scenes Modeling Around the Clock Midday Modeler – June 28th, 2023

Midday Modeler – June 28th, 2023

By Vince C | June 29, 2023

See what you missed in the Model Railroader workshop!

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Midday Modeler – June 28th, 2023. It’s the season finale of Midday Modeler! David Popp and Cody Grivno are your hosts this week. Lucas stops by to talk about the Young Guns series. Cody shows off a new Atlas N Scale hopper, then show off a structure he’s been working on. Mitch pops in to talk about some coming attractions to Steve gives an update on adding paint details for the structures on the Freemont Mills layout. Bryson gives some insight about a final detail for his layout structure and tells about his recent travel adventures. David talks about an exciting new series coming to Video this September. And of course, the crew answers a few viewer questions along the way!

7 thoughts on “Midday Modeler – June 28th, 2023

  1. Please bring back Midday modeler after the summer. Very informative ands entertaining. It is the perfect transition of ask MRVP as launched. As an addition you offer a free month to new subscribers which I completely understand but you need to offer some kind of appreciation to those of us who were subscribers from the beginning and were subscribers to MRVP. Just a thought! Have a great summer,,,,,which is now already half over.

  2. Note to Robert Mountenay: The item you were trying to link to in your post led to an error message. Please try again.

    David Lassen
    Trains News Wire editor

  3. Thanks for riding with us on Midday Modeler, Dave… and everyone else too! Stay tuned — We WILL be back with a full-day live-streaming event in July (date/time pending) … to wrap-up construction of the MRR Freemont Mills HO scale project layout!

  4. I really enjoy Midday Modeler, but I just wish you had worked the timing out so that the current project layout would be finished before taking the summer break.

  5. I am definitely going to miss midday modeller until the next time it comes up! One of my favorite parts of it is the ability to get questions answered from a good variety of people, which provides a good degree of many perspectives. I appreciate that AskMR has been going in that direction more.

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