Behind The Scenes Free Videos All-new Video is here!

All-new Video is here!

By | November 18, 2022

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You asked, we listed. The all-new Video is here!

We’re announcing the release of the all-new Video. This is the new home for the best modeling and railfanning video content including special series, how-to videos, product reviews, and more, on a site that’s easy to navigate.

Some of the enhanced features and benefits include:

•Improved video navigation
•New user experience features like closed captioning, variable speed playback, and picture-in-picture
•Access to video archives with over 3,300 videos, including series and project railroad libraries
•12-15 new modeling and railfan videos released each month
•Live stream coverage of events and special projects
And More!

The new Video is available exclusively to Unlimited members. If you’re not already a member, sign up for a 30-day FREE trial today to unlock access!

6 thoughts on “All-new Video is here!

  1. I still prefer MRVP rather than this mess. Took a long look and found almost no NEW videos outside of Jerry’s sign-off on his series. What has happened to Mid-day Modeler. Nothing in November except a lame Trainfest review.

  2. You saved yourself a subscriber. I’m not a “computer person”. I don’t spend a lot of time online and most of my computer skills are self-taught. I was able to figure out MRVP because the menu was easy to use. When you changed the format to, I was lost. It was not intuitive, and it took to much searching to find what I was looking for. Most of the time I found the video I was looking for by accident or just gave up. I was going to let my subscription run out because I was not using it. I saw the announcement email and gave it another try. The new format is great. Items are easy to find. Thank You.

    1. Same here. I was a MRVideoPlus member and really liked going back and watching previous videos when I came on a new project that was covered in an old video. Was easy to find. Now I always have trouble. When I click on the video I can see some current ones but how do I see previous ones? I have tried using the search box and is very slow or never comes back??

  3. My Video Plus membership was supposed to include all videos. Even before you launched this trains/video, I was being restricted in some content and number of accesses per month. i paid for unlimited video access. While you don’t need to renew video plus memberships, you should Honor current memberships.

  4. Sucks if I can’t see MR related videos and the series I usually watch now. I am not interested in any other Kalmbach magazine or their related videos.

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