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The Genesee & Wyoming Today

By | January 1, 2019

Learn the history of The Kiamichi Railroad, The Central Vermont Railway, The Providence & Worcester Railroad, The Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad, and The Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad.

The Genesee & Wyoming Railroad company is an American short line railroad holding company that owns or maintains 120 railroads throughout five countries! In this detailed 53-page PDF download we share information covering:

  • The stories behind the potential people saw in the Kiamichi Railroad, a 227 ½ mile Class 3 carrier, and how the railroad changed over time.
  • How the Central Vermont Railway fought off railroad mergers, railroad abandonment’s, and parallel highways to survive.
  • How the Providence & Worcester Railroad transformed into today’s 400 mile regional despite starting out as an obscure branch of the New Haven with a crew of three people.
  • How the Missouri & Northern Arkansas Railroad was able to operate despite the natural disasters and hostile terrain it had to fight to operate efficiently.
  • The largest member of the Genesee & Wyoming family, the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad reaps the benefits of a larger system while still maintaining the independence of a small operation.

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One thought on “The Genesee & Wyoming Today

  1. It was a bit disappointing that the pop up add for this special had a picture of one of Genesse & Wyoming’s Australian trains on it like the ones which run on my network, led by a CLP class loco (a hybrid design for Australia which put EMD SD40 equipment into a F7 carbody). But the specail doesn’t contain any reference to Genesee 7 Wyoming’s Australian operations, nor did I see anything on its other international operations.

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