News & Reviews News Wire Vintage NYC subway cars make second summer excursion trip

Vintage NYC subway cars make second summer excursion trip

By Joseph M. Calisi | July 11, 2022

1930s-built equipment runs to Coney Island

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Dark green vintage subway train in station
Vintage IND subway cars operated Sunday on an excursion to Coney Island. (Joseph M. Calisi)

NEW YORK — Historic R-1 through R-9 subway cars built for the IND (Independent) line in the 1930s operated to Coney Island on Sunday in the second of three excursions planned for this summer using equipment from the New York Transit Museum.

The R-1 through R-9 “City Cars” operated with in combination with the “Standards” of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit/Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corp., which operated in revenue service for 50 years. This combination never occurred in revenue operations, but the car types were joined for museum operations. Notable in the consist for the Sunday trip was car No. 103, the first NYC Transit car with a drop ceiling.

Sunday’s excursion began at 96th Street, the newest station of the long-promised Second Avenue Subway, at 10 a.m., for the two-hour, non-stop trip to the remodeled Stillwell Avenue terminal in Brooklyn — rebuilt about 20 years ago with a curved solar-panel roof, with work done in stages to allow continued revenue service. Passengers had the opportunity to exit the train to walk on the historic boardwalk, visit the Luna Park amusement park, or have a frank at the nearby Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs stand. The train then headed northbound at 4 p.m. on the 175th IND 8th Avenue station.

One summer excursion remains — the “To the Rockaways By Rail” trip on Saturday, Aug. 13. The Transit Museum website indicates that trip is sold out.

Brown subway cars moving through station
BRT/BMT “Standard” cars made up part of the consist for Sunday’s trip. (Joseph M. Calisi)


2 thoughts on “Vintage NYC subway cars make second summer excursion trip

  1. To bad the NYTM’s “Parade of Trains” is still on hold. The event, held at the Brighton Beach station (Q), each year until the covid.
    Most all BMT/IND vintage equipment on hand including wooden elevated gate cars. Rides offered between BB and and Kings Highway stations on the various equipment. cost, free. I joined the museum as a thank you.

  2. It is truly bad news especially for the NYC area railfans that all tickets of the remaining historic subway train excursion organized by The New York Transit Museum [Nostalgia Ride: To The Rockaways By Rail, on August 13, 2022, between 10:00am – 05:00pm] is sold out!

    The historical, full of nostalgia, beach-bound trip in question will be carried out by the Museum’s 1930s R-1/9 vintage subway cars from 96th Street-Second Avenue Station in Manhattan to Rockaway Park-Beach 116th Street in Queens.

    Dear New York Transit Museum administration! If possible, organize one more excursion program with your adorable vintage subway train cars on another Saturday or Sunday in August before this lovely summertime (after the gruesome COVID-19 period) comes to an end! But as usual, the final decision is up to you!

    Dr. Güntürk Üstün

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