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Two Mount Vernon, N.Y., bridges over Metro-North fail inspection

By Joseph M. Calisi | January 14, 2022

Vehicles banned from one span dating to 1900

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Commuter train passes under steel bridge
Commuter train passes under steel bridge
A Metro-North M8 EMU passes under Mount Vernon’s Fulton Avenue bridge, closed to vehicles after a failed inspection on Jan. 9, 2022. (Joseph M. Calisi)

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. — Two bridges over the Metro-North Railroad in Mount Vernon have failed inspections, resulting in vehicles being banned from one of the structures. The problem comes after the fourth of four rebuilt bridges in the community was reopened last year.

A Jan. 9 inspection of the Fulton Avenue Bridge “uncovered serious issues that compromise the bridge’s structural integrity,” a city press release said.

The closure to vehicular traffic does not affect service on the Metro-North New Haven line. Pedestrians are also still able to traverse the bridge, which provides access to Mount Vernon East station platforms.

The Fulton Avenue Bridge was built in 1900 and received major repairs 30 years ago. Photos show heavily rusted cross members beneath the roadway as the probable cause of the structural issues and the bridge hasn’t been painted in a long time.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokeswoman Kayla Shults said the agency “will seek design-build proposals for the replacement of the Fulton Avenue and South Street bridges in the coming months. Safety is our top priority and we are looking forward to working with the city of Mount Vernon and Mayor Patterson-Howard to ensure the Fulton Avenue Bridge is available for the community.”

The South Street Bridge, on the New Haven Line near Woodlawn Junction, where that line joins the Harlem Line, will be replaced in the coming months by the MTA in conjunction with the city of Mount Vernon.

Since 2019, the MTA has invested over $94 million to replace four other bridges in Mount Vernon, among other improvements. The city has a total of nine bridges over the New Haven Line.

Bridge blocked by barricades
Barricades block Mount Vernon’s Fulton Avenue bridge after a failed inspection. (Joseph M. Calisi)

3 thoughts on “Two Mount Vernon, N.Y., bridges over Metro-North fail inspection

  1. I always thought the the bridge in the responsibility of the jurisdiction above. A road over a railroad would mean the highway people own and maintain it. A railroad over a road means the railroad owns and maintains it. Am I wrong?

    1. Got to share this one with you Charles
      Several years ago I was leaving work and noticed a 20 pound propane tank hung from a CN bridge that crossed over a CP (TH&B) industrial line, just about the right height to hit the cab windows. Called CN police and they told me it’s not our bridge, I said well it’s hung from the bridge your trains use.
      Officer replied, well I guess we could go look since we are not busy right now. Some days you have to wonder.p
      So, I have to be with you, shouldn’t the bridge be owned by the user.

  2. Charles It may be a railroad bridge. If the railroad built it to get there right of way or to eliminate a grade crossing. A few years ago they replaced a bridge in my town that Erie-Lackawana built to eliminate a grade crossing of a county road. NJT didn’t pay the whole cost but split it with the county. Maybe Mount Vernon has some kind of an arrangement where the railroad pays for them.

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