News & Reviews News Wire CSX train derails after grade-crossing accident

CSX train derails after grade-crossing accident

By | February 8, 2022

Minor injuries reported to crew members after incident in Georgia

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Locomotive on its side and overturned container cars
A CSX intermodal train derailed Monday after hitting a truck at a grade crossing. (Douglas, Ga., Police Department via Facebook)

DOUGLAS, Ga. — Both members of the train were reported to have been taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries after a CSX intermodal train struck a truck and derailed in Douglas, Ga., on Monday afternoon.

WFXL-TV reports that the train of two locomotives and 39 cars struck an unoccupied semi truck that had become stuck on the tracks shortly after 1 p.m., derailing one locomotive and “several” cars, according to CSX.

No hazardous materials were involved. The incident remains under investigation; cleanup is expected to take several days.

Douglas is in southeast Georgia, about 35 miles northeast of Waycross.

9 thoughts on “CSX train derails after grade-crossing accident

  1. Did it get stuck by breaking down? Or stuck by hanging up on the crossing? John you obviously know the area. Is the crossing signed as low clearance for trucks? In Kings Mountain, NC, it was a frequent occurrence for trucks to hang up on the tracks despite signs posted all over the place. Eventually barricades were put in place to prevent trucks from making the turns onto the crossings.

  2. This derail happened just in front of N&S Outterstuff warehouse where a large number of FedEx and other trucks are coming and going constantly. They are leaving the warehouse to go up Fales Street to reach GA-92.

    The crossing is signaled (you can see whats left of the signal control box in the pictures) and the CSX placard is visible on the signal tree.

  3. These incidents that foul the right-of-way is why, if left to the rail carriers, at grade crossings would be eliminated or insist on quad set-ups. In this case, the latter would fail to address the foul.

  4. Just one thought here…thank God no one was seriously injured, or killed due to someone else’s stupidity.

  5. How long was the truck “stuck” on the track? Did anyone call the emergency number which is posted on every crossing, nationwide?

    1. The truck driver probably thought that trains don’t run anymore on that and any other line in the U.S. So why even notify the local PD of his predicament? As for the “emergency number which is posted on every crossing nationwide”? That driver probably knows nothing about that.

    2. IF the driver claims he knew nothing about the emergency number posted at the grade crossing…that might not go well for his employer(unless he’s an independent, then it won’t go well for him). Ignorance or lack of being informed is not a valid excuse and never has been.

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