News & Reviews News Wire Connecticut orders six dual-mode locomotives from Siemens

Connecticut orders six dual-mode locomotives from Siemens

By | September 26, 2023

Units join earlier Metro-North order for 27 locomotives

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Blue and silver locomotive with red trim in urban setting
A rendering of the dual-mode locomotives ordered by Metro-North and the Connecticut DOT from Siemens. The final paint scheme for the units is still in development. Siemens Mobility

NEW YORK — The Connecticut Department of Transportation is ordering six dual-mode locomotives from Siemens Mobility for use on the MTA Metro-North Railroad, adding to an earlier Metro-North order for 27 such units placed in 2020. The newly ordered locomotives will be delivered through 2027.

Overall, the contract includes options for up to 171 locomotives for Metro-North, Connecticut, the Long Island Rail Road, and the New York Department of Transportation.

The new locomotives will meet EPA Tier IV standards, feature 4,200 hp and a top speed of 110 mph in diesel mode, and a top speed of 80 mph in electric mode. They will replace current GE P32AC-DM locomotives, which have reached or exceeded their projected 25-year lifespan. Siemens says the new units will result in shorter travel times and quicker recovery from service disruptions, and will reduce C02, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxide emissions.

“With our Siemens Mobility North American headquarters in the heart of New York City, we’re excited that these sustainable locomotives will transport millions of passengers a year, including our own employees,” Michael Cahill, president of rolling stock, Siemens Mobility North America, said in a press release. “This order continues to build on our relationship with the MTA, which includes not only delivering sustainable locomotives, but also world class signaling and rail automation technologies.”

The original purchase of 27 units, announced in December 2020, was funded by a Federal Transit Administration grant [see “Digest: Metro-North set to buy dual-mode locomotives …,” Trains News Wire, Dec. 14, 2020]. Metro-North expects to begin receiving the first of those units in mid-2025.

7 thoughts on “Connecticut orders six dual-mode locomotives from Siemens

  1. It is surprising that Amtrak never worked on or had a dual powered locomotive design that could be used on trains going south to Florida and the Carolinas and Atlanta and New Orleans. This would eliminate the often lengthy and time comsuming change of locomotives at Washington DC The ldual powered locomotives could run under electric to Washington and then switch over to diesel power south of Washington and vice versa coming up from the South to Washington and then switch over to electric for the run to New York. Also another suggestion would be to have a locomotive on each end of the train which would eliminate turning the entire train around at Miami for its northbound trip to New York and also when the Silver Star has to do a backwards trip from Tampa to return to the main line to continue its run to Miami. A locomotive on each end is far better than backup moves or push -pull operation with just a locomotive on one end and a power control car or cab on the other end
    Joseph C. Markfelder

    1. NJ Transit and Montreal’s Exo have dual-power motors that can run diesel or AC from a pantograph. Problem is they have limited fuel capacity (NJT: 1600 US gal) because the AC hardware takes the weight on drivers away from fuel storage. Weight is 288,000 lbs: 36 US Ton axle load.

      I think 1600 gal is in the F40 ballpark, so if Amtrak can live with that they’re good to go.

      They seem to be reliable but NJT operates within 100 miles of the shop. 1000 miles away from anybody who knows what they are is a different story.

      Brother Pins: You’re right, These are from PR flacks or reporters who don’t know railroading.

  2. Let’s see. The first ones were ordered in 2020. it’s been almost 3 years and the first order won’t be delivered for another 2 years. When will this order be delivered?

    And what kind of dual-modes will they be? Diesel + 600 VDC, Diesel + 12/25 KV AC? Since MNR and CDOT are among the customers, may I presume that 600 VDC is the electric option for GCT service.

    Will the LIRR version be able to operate to GCT-Mad?

    1. Mr. Mulligan – I am not the first to point out that many of these Newswire puff pieces are lifted or adapted from press releases intended for the general, low-railroad-information public.

    2. Obviously these are 3rd rail machines. As for GCT-Madison that service will be strictly MU as that’s all that will fit in the borings.

  3. Wise decision from the MTA Metro-North Railroad and the Connecticut DOT + Pleasant news for Siemens Mobility North America!

    Dr. Güntürk Üstün

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