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Seaboard Coast Line SD45 being restored for museum NEWSWIRE

By | September 9, 2015

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Former Seaboard Coast Line SD45 No. 2024 as it appeared on Sept. 4. The locomotive is being restored for service in Tennessee.
Southern Appalachia Railway Museum
OAK RIDGE, Tenn. – The Southern Appalachia Railway Museum has acquired former Seaboard Coast Line SD45 No. 2024. Built in September 1971 by EMD, it is operational and includes its original 20-cylinder 645 engine rated at 3,600 horsepower. No. 2024 was renumbered 8924 by SCL successor Seaboard System and passed through a series of short line and regional railroad operators, including Montana Rail Link, before being acquired by the museum.

The museum and its partners credited the Atlantic Coast Line & Seaboard Air Line Railroads Historical Society and several of their members for technical support to make the preservation effort a reality.

The locomotive is currently in Missouri and will make a final trek to Tennessee where museum workers will restore it to its original appearance.

For more information, visit the museum’s website. Watch Trains News Wire for a feature on this locomotive.

8 thoughts on “Seaboard Coast Line SD45 being restored for museum NEWSWIRE

  1. Sharp looking locomotive. I have always liked this ACL/Seaboard black and yellow scheme. I hope it has the 'Pulling for you' slogan under the cab.

  2. It's been in the Kansas City area for about a year now, and is about to leave the facility it was restored at soon.

  3. VLIX = Vintage Locomotive Inc. Note no ditch lights. I'm glad it's been restored and is operational. @Jason: put that "Pulling for You" on there, rev it up, close your eyes and imagine it roaring up the Raleigh Division with piggyback hotshot 275/276.

  4. Check out the SARM Facebook page for others news. This isn't the only locomotive project underway, or locomotive moving to Oak Ridge. There are also several passenger car and freight car projects, and we are working on some special events to show them all off. And for those that ask, this is an open Facebook page, you don't have to register or join to read all of the postings and details.

  5. Nice news to see. But watch out for terms like "original" in regards to the prime mover. I seriously doubt such a thing exists in the world of dieseldom — an original anything. Remember that the whole concept of dieselization involved the railroads' abilities to swap out traction motors, trucks, main generators, and yes, engines. There is probably no such thing anywhere in North America as a wholly intact "original" diesel-electric locomotive, that is, assuming it ever turned wheels in revenue service.

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