Big Boy – Back In Steam


In this Issue

Birth of a legend

The 25 steam locomotives that ruled the West

Yes, they could handle it

How this happened, how UP moved No. 4014 home, and the restoration

46 Testing 1,2,3

Before the crowds arrive, Big Boy stretches its legs for the first time in 60 years

Extra 4014 west

For the Golden Spike’s 150th anniversary, an assault of famed Sherman Hill

Extra 4014 East

The trip home to Cheyenne sends the Big Boy up the legendary Wasatch grade

Compound articulated, simple articulated

Railroads had their reasons for choosing one or the other

The year of the articulateds

2019 — Big Boy plus three little sisters

The Other Boys

Where to find seven other Big Boys in museums or on display

Also in this issue:

Big boy inside and out, pg. 21
Cutaway drawings show the guts behind the king of steam’s glory