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New model trains for the week of September 17, 2020

By | September 11, 2020

Check out the latest model railroad products announced this week

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Covered hopper

HO scale locomotives
Union Pacific DDA40X diesel locomotive. Early anti-climbers and electrical cabinets, smoke lifters, and “Union Pacific Railroad” herald; early anti-climbers and electrical cabinets with “Railroad” patched out on herald; and late anti-climbers and electrical cabinets, beacon, cab-mounted air horn, and “Union Pacific” herald in two road numbers per scheme. Cab-mounted dual strobe lights, “Union Pacific” herald, late anti-climbers, and early electrical cabinets; air raid siren, cab-mounted beacon, late anti-climbers, and early electrical cabinet; and heritage service unit with ditch lights, yellow frame stripe, cab-mounted strobe light, and late anti-climbers and electrical cabinet in one number each. Direct-current model, $419.98; with SoundTraxx dual-mode Tsunami2 sound decoder, $589.98. August 2021. Genesis 2.0 series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

HO scale freight cars
General American Transportation Corp. 20,000-gallon tank car. General American Transportation Corp. (black lease scheme and Cargill patchout), Griffin Industries (black with GATX reporting marks), Hercules Inc. (black with HPCX marks, three single cars), Quality Liquid Feed (black with GATX reporting marks, three single cars), and Vulcan Minerals Co. (white with mineral red band and UCLX marks, three single cars). Three single cars and one three-pack per scheme unless noted. Separate, factory-applied brake wheel and ladders; 70- or 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps, and 33” or 36” machined metal wheels with RP-25 contours. Single car, $53.98; three-pack, $154.98. August 2021. Genesis series. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Pullman-Standard PS-2 2,003-cubic-foot-capacity covered hopper. Chessie System (Western Maryland reporting marks), Chicago & North Western, Denver & Rio Grande Western, Milwaukee Road, Northern Pacific, and Southern Pacific. Three single cars and one four-pack per scheme (C&NW, MILW, and SP four-packs feature different schemes than single cars). Photo-etched metal running boards, machined metal wheels with RP-25 contours, and body-mounted McHenry scale couplers. Single car, $33.98; four-pack, $129.98. August 2021. Roundhouse line. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

American Car & Foundry 5,701-cubic-foot-capacity Pressureaide Center Flow covered hopper. New paint schemes: Archer Daniels Midland (gray with molecule or leaf logos), Luzenac America (green, orange, and white), Grace Davison (green and white), OMYA (white and blue), Penford Products Co. (white and blue), Solvay Chemicals (white and black), and Venturi (white and blue with conspicuity stripes and white and blue with orange sill, two numbers each). New numbers: Venturi (white and blue as-delivered scheme, two numbers). Three numbers per scheme unless noted, also available undecorated. Etched-metal running boards, detailed brake gear with piping, 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with blackened metal wheels, and body-mounted Accumate couplers. $47.95 (undecorated, $37.95). Second quarter 2021. Master Line. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-8857,

Covered hopper
Atlas Model Railroad Co. HO scale American Car & Foundry 5,701-cubic-foot-capacity Pressureaide Center Flow covered hopper

FMC 5,503-cubic-foot-capacity double-door boxcar. New paint schemes: Amador Central (blue and white); Golden West Service (blue, yellow, and red); Minnesota, Dakota & Western (green and white); Southern Pacific (Golden West Service patchout); and St. Maries River RR (orange). New road numbers: Longview, Portland & Northern (orange and blue) and Southern Pacific (brown). Three numbers per scheme; also available undecorated. Wire grab irons, etched-metal parts, and X-panel roof. $42.95 (undecorated, $33.95). Second quarter 2021. Master Line. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-8857,

Double door boxcar
Atlas Model Railroad Co. HO scale FMC 5,503-cubic-foot-capacity double-door boxcar

Gunderson Multi-Max auto rack. BNSF Ry. (orange with CTTX or TTGX marks and white with BNSF marks), Canadian National (yellow with white herald and CTTX marks and yellow with red herald and TTGX marks), Canadian Pacific (white with Soo marks), CSX (yellow with “boxcar” herald, “How Tomorrow Moves” slogan, and CTTX or TTGX marks), Kansas City Southern (white and yellow schemes with CTTX marks in two road numbers each and yellow with TTGX marks), Norfolk Southern (yellow Thoroughbred scheme with TTGX marks), and Union Pacific (yellow with “Building America” slogan and TTGX reporting marks). Four numbers per scheme unless noted. Prototype-specific details, photo-etched metal side panels, and 28” machined metal wheels. $74.99. Rivet Counter line., 844-987-2467,

Three multi-rack cars HO scale Gunderson Multi-Max auto rack

HO scale passenger cars
Halloween-themed passenger car. Features glow-in-the-dark graphics and Relex couplers. $27.99. Märklin Start Up line. Märklin Inc., 573-365-9521,

Passenger car with Halloween decals
Märklin Inc. HO scale Halloween-themed passenger car

HO scale details and accessories
Yard tractor. BNSF Ry. (white with post-2005 herald), Canadian National (red, white, and black), CSX (white), Hybrid (green and white), owner-operator (yellow and white schemes), UPS (white with current logo), and Wisconsin Central (yellow). Photo-etched steps and rear deck, vinyl tires, and interior details. $25.98 (UPS, $27.98). August 2021. Ready-to-Roll. Athearn Trains, 800-338-4639,

Assorted Ford Model TT trucks. Shell Oil and Standard Oil tanker trucks, $47.80 each. Covered truck, $39.95. Open bed truck, $41.50. Tow truck, $50.95. Factory-painted and assembled models. Produced by Artitec, available from Reynauld’s Euro Imports Inc., 888-762-6872,

Oil tanker truck
Artitec HO scale Shell Oil tanker truck

N scale locomotives
Florida Tri-Rail Electro-Motive Division F40PH diesel locomotive. Two road numbers. With Digital Command Control and sound. Available for preorder. $349.99. Kobo Custom line. Produced by Kato USA Inc., exclusively available from Ready To Roll Inc., 305-688-8868,

Diesel locomotive
Kato USA N scale Florida Tri-Rail Electro-Motive Division F40PH diesel locomotive

General Electric standard turbine. Union Pacific (with tender in four road numbers and without in one number). Directional light-emitting-diode headlights, printed number boards, illuminated number boxes, etched-metal Farr side grills, all-wheel electrical pickup, and brake wheel and stand mounted on rear platform. Direct-current models: With tender, $179.99; without, $134.99. With dual-mode ESU LokSound 5 micro sound decoder with Full Throttle, Next18 connector, and sugar cube-type speaker: With tender, $274.99; without, $229.99. Scheduled for release in early 2021., 844-987-2467,

Electric turbine N scale General Electric standard turbine

N scale freight cars
48-foot cushion coil car. BNSF Ry. (Oxide Red with post-2005 herald), Chessie System (Chesapeake & Ohio reporting marks), Conrail (brown with gray Norfolk Southern hoods), Chicago & North Western (green body with yellow hoods), Illinois Central (black), Indiana Harbor Belt (black and orange), and Norfolk Southern (gray Protect II scheme). Three road numbers per scheme. Die-cast metal body, two removable rounded hoods with stacking frames, and detailed wood-lined trough floor. $32.95. Second quarter 2021. Master Line. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,

Cushion coil car
Atlas Model Railroad Co. N scale 48-foot cushion coil car

Pullman-Standard 4,000-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper. New paint schemes: Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe (brown with circle-cross herald in black square); Burlington Northern (Cascade Green with large herald); CSX (tan), Kansas City Southern (brown), Monon (gray), and Nickel Plate Road (black and white). Three road numbers per paint scheme; also available undecorated. Injection-molded plastic body, etched-metal running boards and brake platform; BLMA 100-ton trucks with 36” metal wheels, and Accumate couplers. $32.95 (undecorated, $27.95). Second quarter 2021. Master Line. Atlas Model Railroad Co., 908-687-0880,

Three bay covered hopper
Atlas Model Railroad Co. N scale Pullman-Standard 4,000-cubic-foot-capacity three-bay covered hopper

N scale sets
2019 Operation North Pole set. Electro-Motive Division F40PH diesel locomotive (Operation North Pole), Nippon Sharyo coaches (Allstate Arena, Donald E. Stephens, and Rosemont), and Nippon Sharyo cab-coaches (Operation North Pole with special wreath end decoration and Vitalant). A portion of the proceeds of sales from these sets will go towards Operation North Pole to help support their cause. $410. November 2020. Kobo Custom line. Kato USA Inc.,

Train car with Christmas decals
Kato USA N scale 2019 Operation North Pole set

N scale structures
Smokey’s Signal Gasoline. Laser-cut wood kit with fiber task board bases, tab-and-slot construction, peel-and-stick applique panels, and pewter soft metal gas pumps and trash cans. Measures 1.25” x 1.85”. $18.75. Showcase Miniatures, 334-750-3276,

Model of a gas station
Showcase Miniatures N scale Smokey’s Signal Gasoline

N scale details and accessories
40-foot high-cube intermodal containers. CMA CGM (blue, three two-packs), Capital (green), Fesco (blue), Hanjin (blue), Ivaran (red), Ocean Network Express (Cherry Blossom Magenta), P&O Nedlloyd (gray, orange, and blue), Seago Line (gray, blue, and white), TouaxMOL (Oxide Red), and Triton (light brown). Injection-molded plastic with inter-box connecting pins, magnetic connecting system, and prototype-specific details. Two-pack, $29.95. Third quarter 2020. Jacksonville Terminal Co.,

Stacked intermodal containers
Jacksonville Terminal Co. N scale 40-foot high-cube intermodal containers

O scale freight cars
Bay-window caboose. New paint schemes: Long Island Rail Road (yellow and blue); Chicago Great Western (maroon and yellow); Chessie System (red, white, and yellow and blue, black, and yellow safety schemes, one road number each); Erie Lackawanna (American Revolution Bicentennial scheme, one number); New York, Susquehanna & Western (yellow and black, one number); Norfolk Southern Track Inspection and Development (maroon and yellow, one number); Southern Ry. (red, yellow, and white); and Union Pacific Railroad Police (white with Southern Pacific reporting marks, one number). Two numbers per scheme unless noted; also available undecorated. Die-cast metal couplers and solid-bearing caboose trucks; see-through plastic running boards; and separate, factory-applied smoke stack, brake wheel, and brake lines. $83.95 (undecorated, $78.95). Second quarter 2021. Trainman line. Atlas O, 908-687-0880,

Caboose with windows
Atlas O bay-window caboose

Large scale locomotives
Deutsche Bundesbahn BR103 electric locomotive. Spring-loaded metal pantographs (not equipped for overhead pickup); two five-pole can-type ball-bearing motors; molded and separate, factory-applied details including lights, windshield wipers, handrails, horn, and bumpers; red and white directional lighting; chrome-plated ball-bearing wheels; and hook-and-loop couplers. Can be upgraded to Digital Command Control and sound using PIKO nos. 36122 decoder and 36229 sound kit, both sold separately. $809.99. PIKO America LLC, 619-280-2800,

Electric locomotive
PIKO America large scale Deutsche Bundesbahn BR103 electric locomotive

Large scale freight cars
Double-sheathed center-cupola caboose. Pennsylvania RR, Denver & Rio Grande Western, and painted brown but unlettered. Separate, factory-applied grab irons; clear window glazing; and blackened metal wheels. $129. Bachmann Trains, 215-533-1600,

Bachman Trains large scale double-sheathed center-cupola caboose

Z scale locomotives
Alco RSD-5 diesel locomotive. Chesapeake & Ohio. Two road numbers. Phase I body; Alco Trimount trucks; single-beam headlights; two single air horns; and 800-gallon fuel tank. American Z Line, 614-764-1703,

Diesel locomotive
American Z Line Z scale Alco RSD-5 diesel locomotive

Assorted fence. Chain link fence (scale 6-feet tall), picket fence (scale 4-feet tall), and privacy fence (scale 6.16” tall). Fence features gates, detailed hinges, and planter pins. Each set includes 192 scale feet of fence. $14.99 each. Woodland Scenics, 573-346-5555,

Illinois Central 86-foot Greenville double-door auto parts boxcar. HO scale. Set completes one 1968 Greenville car used in the Pontiac auto parts pool. Includes lettering diagrams. $7. ICG Decals,

Decal set
ICG Decals HO scale Illinois Central 86-foot Greenville double-door auto parts boxcar decal set

Cross action curved tweezers. Tweezers open when pressure is applied and close when pressure is released. Measures 6”. $6.99. Produced by Squadron Tools, available from Kalmbach Hobby Store,

Curved tweezers
Squadron Tools cross action curved tweezers

Cross action straight tweezers. Tweezers open when pressure is applied and close when pressure is released. Measures 6”. $6.99. Produced by Squadron Tools, available from Kalmbach Hobby Store,

Straight tweezers
Squadron Tools cross action straight tweezers

Third hand fibergrip tweezers. Clamp item into tweezers and let tripod-like stand hold it. Ideal for airbrushing, soldering, and working on fine details. $8.99. Produced by Squadron Tools, available from Kalmbach Hobby Store,

Fibergrip tweezers
Squadron Tools third hand fibergrip tweezers
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