Model Railroading: The Ultimate Guide 2022


In this Issue

Make a lake!

Create a believable water feature

Shoot next level images

Keys to better photography

A turn for the better

Build a helix, step by step

Story-telling details

Make scenes that fascinate visitors

New geep for the MR&T

How to paint and detail in N scale

Easy weathering techniques

Take models from good to great



Brass engine fix-up
Taking the mystery out of brass

Add a metal foundry
An industry you can model

Visit an iron ore hauler
An inspiring 23 x 27-foot HO layout

You’re the power desk
Operating tips from the prototype

Add a paved roadway
Convincing concrete quickly

Modeling a small town
Operating possibilities abound

Good paper cuts
Get started with paper structures

Riding Amtrak at 50
Roam the nation, station to station

Reliable running on DCC
Installing ESU’s PowerPack