102 Realistic Track Plans


In this Issue

Introduction to track planning

Careful measuring and drawing ensure that your layout fits

Very small layouts

Short on space? Just starting out? Try these ideas

Curves, turnouts, and track

Setting standards to handle the trains you want to run

4x8s and a little more

Track plans that start with a sheet of plywood

Layout schematics

How to think of your track plan as a railroad

Drawing curves and turnouts

Careful drafting leads to easier construction and operation

Compact layouts

33 railroads sized for a spare bedroom

Figuring grades and clearances

How to plan slopes your trains can climb

Structures, scenery, and aisles

Layout design is more than just track planning

Medium layouts

Got space to stretch out? Find some ideas here

Sectional layouts

Build a railroad so you can take it with you

Layouts for large spaces

Plans for rec rooms, basements, and barns

Also in this issue:

  • Design inspiration, pg. 6
  • Sketching by the squares, pg. 24
  • How to convert track plan scales, pg. 68