How To Completed Indoor Layouts The C&NW at Milwaukee’s Jones Island

The C&NW at Milwaukee’s Jones Island

By John Franzen | December 6, 2006

A highly-detailed, large-scale indoor railroad

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This amazing indoor large-scale railroad was featured in Garden Railways’ February 2007 issue. The following photos are a sneak peek of what you can see in the full article.
William Zuback
Almost the entire 28′ length of Bay Street can be seen here. The high-speed electric line running atop the concrete viaduct is not operational. It is used as a scenic break from the sky-painted backdrop.
William Zuback
Fire station
Enginehouse NÂș 11 is one of the larger buildings on the layout, and has a fully detailed interior. The engine bay houses two beautifully detailed, 1:24 scale, diecast firetrucks lockers, first-aid equipment, workbench and tools, and the fire call desk. The building is built of foamcore, with overlays of styrene brick sheets and balsa to represent the cut-stone facade.
William Zuback
The neighborhood A&P grocery store is enjoying a busy morning. This structure is built from foamcore covered with Plastruct embossed-brick styrene sheets. The grocery is fully detailed, with shelving, a check-out counter with cash register, and a meat counter with a butcher ready to serve you.
William Zuback
Sail & Rail bar
The Sail & Rail Tavern is a popular watering hole for railroad employees, sailors, and dockworkers on Milwaukee’s south side, and is still serving its thirsty patrons today.
William Zuback
Boxcab meets a diesel
This boxcab electric (right) was kitbashed over an Aristo-Craft “Critter” motor block.
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